Liberty High School

Students Advance to Destination Imagination Global Finals

Apr 16, 2015

Seven teams of students representing six Frisco ISD schools have qualified for the Destination Imagination (DI) Global Finals, the world's largest creative thinking and problem solving competition for kids.

Destination Imagination is an educational program in which student teams solve open-ended challenges and present their solutions at tournaments.

The challenges require students to apply science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), in addition to improvisation, theater arts, writing, project management, communication, innovation, teamwork and community service.

Students must advance through local and state competition to be invited to Global Finals, which will be held May 18-23 in Knoxville, Tennessee.

The following teams qualified for Globals based on their performance at state:

Borchardt Elementary

2nd place, A: Creature Feature, Elementary D Level

  • Students: Manasi Ramkumar, Ariha Kothari, Nithya Priya Sridharan and Madhu Joshi
  • Parent Team Manager: Srividhya Ramkumar

Isbell Elementary

5th place, C: Feary Tales, Elementary I Level

  • Students: Emily Aronson, Harley Classe, Vanessa Bermudez, Lily Attmore, Meren Hogan and Brynna Berge
  • Parent Team Manager: Christine Aronson

Smith Elementary

2nd place, C: Feary Tales, Elementary D Level

  • Students: Saraya Patel, Abigail Dutra, Nathaniel Crossman, Reed Davidson and Max Hodes
  • Parent Team Manager: Sunita Patel

3rd place, C: Feary Tales, Elementary D Level

  • Students: William Dutra, Nicholas Crossman, Bryce Zollinger, Madi Asel and Maddie Stewart
  • Parent Team Manager: Jen Dutra

Taylor Elementary

3rd place, A: Creature Feature, Elementary I Level

  • Students: Shrey Joshi, Mckinley Xie, Vishnu Vasudev, Eujin Chung, Aarya Patel and Shruti Shah
  • Parent Team Manager: Pranav Joshi

Clark Middle School

1st place, pO: Brand Aid, Middle Level

  • Students: Deven Patel, Caden Senn, Kyle Bowser, Genevieve Dutra and Maggie McGrath
  • Parent Team Manager: Sunita Patel

Liberty High School*

1st place, E: Lose to Win, Secondary Level

  • Students: Deepti Aravapalli, Aarti Aravapalli, Abhirupa Dasgupta, Sonika Rao, Sruthi Tekkalur, Arianna Bohara and Neha Baskar
  • Parent Team Manager: Radhika Tatineni
  • *Team also includes students from Fowler and Vandeventer middle schools

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