Lone Star High School


Oct 21, 2014

Lone Star Nation, it's time to PEACE OUT for PEACE WEEK. Next week's groovy dress up days are:

- Do you want to take a trip to funky town on Monday? Dress like a hippie and show us just how funky you are! Don't forget to compliment a stranger for you PEACE WEEK challenge!

- Rock your socks off on Tuesday by wearing your craziest socks! And, we challenge you to make someone feel special by telling them something unique you see in them.

Red out drugs on Wednesday and leave a legacy of caring and encouraging others! Your legacy awaits, Ranger Nation!

Embrace PEACE at Lone Star by wearing a shirt to celebrate your favorite Lone Star club or organization on Thursday! Teachers and Students, if you won or bought a PEACE Week shirt, make sure you wear them! Finally, Rangers, pick a teacher and find a way to make their day easier by serving them in simple but thoughtful way.

Finally, on Friday, wear Student Council challenges you to take off your mask, and be your unique self. Wear a Halloween costume that meets dress code standards to celebrate PEACE WEEK and our football game against Independence!

Thanks to everyone for helping us make our 1st Annual PEACE Week a success! STAY GROOVY, Lone Star!