Lone Star High School

Mike Smith Returns to Lone Star

Apr 12, 2016

Ranger Nation,

Mike Smith was so impressed with the results of our sock challenge that he is making a special appearance to pick up the socks personally. He is currently on a nationwide tour with Weinerschnetzel where they are selling hot dogs to raise money for the homeless. He will be here after school THIS AFTERNOON, and he and the Weinerschnetzel RV that is traveling the country will be outside the Lone Star High School library.

Mike and his crew will be selling Wienerschnitzel hot dogs with a minimum donation of $1; however, donations of amounts higher would be greatly appreciated. 100% of the proceeds going back to Skate for Change's efforts to serve the homeless community. Wienerschnitzel will match the amount raised to double the total donation to Skate 4 Change. 

So, Rangers, please come out this afternoon outside the library to meet with Mike and his crew and to donate for this humanitarian cause. #RangersSupportHomeless