Lone Star High School

Ranger Academy (Freshmen Orientation) Information

Jul 22, 2016

Ranger Academy—August 8

Ranger Academy is an orientation for the incoming Class of 2020. Students are asked to arrive between 8:00-8:30 am for check-in at the school’s gym entrance. Ranger Academy will conclude by 11:30 pm. Students are expected to stay the entire time. In order to participate in this orientation, the online registration process must be completed (Info Snap), and students must bring proof of residency* (POR). Students can receive a FAST Pass by dropping off a POR at the LSHS front office now. After all paperwork is submitted, students will complete a variety of activities ending with a full class

assembly in the auditorium. At the conclusion of the assembly, students will begin the check-out      process by   picking up their schedules. After students receive their schedules, the building will be open so students can walk the building and try out their lockers. Parents are welcome to stay through the pep rally and can return at 11:00 to walk the building with their students. All other activities are for students only.