Lone Star High School

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Withdrawal Information:

**Student’s parent/guardian must initiate withdrawal**
**A student may NOT withdraw themselves**

Lone Star High School Withdrawal Information
Please allow 24 hours to complete process

Parent/Guardian needs to contact registrar:
Kimberly Cleveland - ClevelandK@friscoisd.org or 469-633-5317

 Provide Name and Grade of Student
 Provide Last Date Student will/has attend Lone Star
 Provide Name of New School
 Provide City and State of New School
 If Withdrawn to Home School; Provide Name of Home School Program
 After the student has turned in all textbooks, library books, and any
 equipment/uniforms belonging to Lone Star, the parent will receive the following:

 Copy of Withdrawal Form that includes Immunizations
 Copy of Most Recent Report Card
 Copy of Transcript

The new school will need to request OFFICIAL RECORDS from Kimberly Cleveland REGISTRAR via TREx or Fax a Request for Records to 469-633-5350(fax).