Lone Star High School

R.I.O.T. Time begins Wednesday September 6th.  The first day of each school week is designated for Round-Up, where students are grouped with a Staff member and 12-20 students in their graduating class.  This time will be used build relationships and provide academic support and guidance for R.I.O.T. Time.

R.I.O.T. Time is a 25-minute block of time each day when students will have the opportunity to receive academic, social and emotional support through our teacher-led tutorials, foster peer study groups, complete homework and make-up assignments, get involved in clubs and organizations, utilize the library resources, decompress by listening to music or reading, or build positive relationships with their classmates.

Students who are in need of extra support will be given mandatory, teacher-assigned tutorials. Consequences will be assigned for students who do not attend assigned tutorials.

Through RIOT Time, our students are empowered to make the appropriate academic and social decisions necessary for success at Lone Star High School.