Why take a Pre-AP or AP Course:

  • Pre-AP and AP courses allows students to pursue college-level studies while still in high school.Click here to learn more about Pre-AP and AP courses.
Will I receive credit for my AP Exam?
  • Click here to find colleges and universities that offer credit or placement for AP scores.
2018 AP Exam Schedule 
AP Exam Registration Information

Steps for Registering and Paying Online:

  • Review the AP Exam Registration Procedures prior to paying for exams. 
  • is the recommended form of registration and payment. Error in selecting exams will not be a reason for late testing or refund. 
  • If you are a current user of, sign in with your username and password.  Otherwise, click “Register Now” and follow the simple onscreen instructions. Add your student by providing their Student ID number.
  • Look for the heading "Advanced Placement Exam Registration"
  • Carefully select the AP Exam(s) your child will take this year.  No refunds are given for incorrect registrations.
  • Complete the online payment and your child will be registered for the AP Exam(s).
  • Once you have completed registration for your student, the exam will show a status of “Enrolled” on the main payment screen.  

Steps for Registering and Paying with CASH or CHECK:

  • Cash and check payments are ONLY accepted ruing regular registration.

Refer to the chart below for registration dates, exam fees and late fees (please note the exam fee for AP Seminar and AP Research is $142 per exam):


Registration Opens

Registration &
Payment Deadline

Exam Fee 

Late Fee


February 20
at 8 am

March 21 
at 4:30 pm

Exam:  $94


Late Registration

March 21
at 4:31 pm

April 5 
at 4:30 pm

Exam:  $94

per exam

Final Registration

April 5
at 4:31 pm

April 11 
at 12:00 pm

Exam:  $94

$20 per exam
$55 late fee
per student per transaction

Students on Free or Reduced lunch will be charged $15 per exam. Late fees still apply.