What you can do to get ready for college as a high school sophomore:



  • Make as high of a grade as possible in all your classes – the higher your grades, the higher your rank. Colleges are looking for students in the
    top half of their class - aim to be there!
  • Take the most challenging course work possible.
  • Join school activities!  Colleges look for well-
    rounded, committed individuals who show 
    leadership skills.
  • Volunteer! Community service is becoming more
    and more important in the college admissions 
  • Keep a list of school activities, honors, awards, employment, volunteer work, community activities, etc.
  • READ, READ, READ! It is a great way to
    increase your SAT/ACT scores.
  • Take PLAN in November. This is a practice ACT.
  • Take PSAT in October. This is a practice SAT.
  • Begin to explore and discuss college options. The internet is a wonderful resource for exploring your options.
  • Plan your junior year carefully. Know your graduation plan and plan accordingly.


  • Monitor your child’s academic progress. Make sure you see all 3 week and 6 week reports. 
    • Do not assume someone will call you if there is a problem. 
    • Provide encouragement and support.
  • Encourage your son or daughter to become involved in a wide variety of activities. 
    • Volunteer work and community service are important. 
    • Keep a list of activities –including dates.
  • Help your son or daughter plan meaningful summer activities. 
    • Make plans for your child to take a class, play organized sports, develop a hobby, work, volunteer, etc.
  • Have your child sign up for and take PLAN. 
  • Your child can also take the PSAT.
  • Save, Save, Save!!