Future Reedy Students Off to a Roaring Start in Building Campus Pride

Feb 13, 2015

T-Shirt DistributionIs Frisco ready to hear the Reedy LIONS roar? Principal Karen LeCocq revealed today that after several weeks of voting, future Reedy High School students have selected the Lions as the new school’s official mascot.

The Lions defeated the concept of the Raptors – which could have been interpreted as birds of prey or dinosaurs. Students were given the choice of one of the three. During the voting period, LeCocq had asked students to consider what values or traits are most commonly associated with the three choices and how those traits would represent the school.

Participation in the selection of the mascot is just a first step in LeCocq’s efforts to involve her future students and staff in determining what Reedy High School will become when it opens this fall at 3003 Stonebrook Parkway.

LeCocq, Assistant Principal Kendall Still and Secretary Pat Matulis have spent the last few weeks visiting with future Reedy students in brief retreats at Frisco and Wakeland high schools and Cobb and Pioneer Heritage middle schools. The purpose was to allow students to express their ideas and opinions about the values and traditions they would like to see at Reedy.

LeCocq has ensured that each group has seen a short inspirational video, 212: The Extra Degree. The movie depicts the extra efforts required to achieve success or change – such as moving water to the boiling point. LeCocq hopes the student body and faculty at Reedy bring an extra degree of hard work and passion to all they do at Reedy.

“This is what I want us to be about,” LeCocq told a group of future Reedy students who currently attend Frisco High School. “I want us to go one step further in everything we do.”

Frisco ISD has opened many new schools. It is not unusual for a principal to reach out to his or her students for input. LeCocq has been getting to know students, asking them to write down traditions they would like to establish at their new high school, including what they want their school celebrations and pep rallies to look like.

“I’m all about passion,” LeCocq told the students. “I want us to build a tradition of spirit and enthusiasm for all student activities.”

The future Reedy students have now seen their school colors of green, blue and silver, as well as the official Reedy R. LeCocq and Still displayed styles of letter jackets and have been collecting student votes on whether they want just one style of letter jacket or different ones for academics, athletics and fine arts.

LeCocq has also sought out student input on what students expect from their teachers. She asked students, many who are leaders at their current campus, to list the attributes that make their favorite teachers special.

Through teamwork, suggestions and then a process of elimination, each group of students also developed a list of core values for the school. They shared suggestions such as passion, honor, courage, unity and more. Overall students seemed to enjoy being included in planning, asking questions about who has been hired already and plans for the marching band and football team.

After meeting with groups of students from four different schools, LeCocq and her staff are reviewing the suggestions. The Reedy faculty will hold similar retreats before school starts.

LeCocq hopes to find common interests among students that will create a positive campus climate and ensure all students are willing to roar with pride about their new high school.