May Blood Drive:

May 16, 2017

Blood Drive on 5/25/17

Why Give Blood:

  • Red Cord Program: Donate Blood 4 times during high school to get a Red Cord to wear at Graduation.

  • Each blood donation can be used here in the DFW area to save around 3 lives.

Who can Give Blood?

  • Everyone 16 and older can donate.

  • You will need to eat a good filling meal before you donate

  • Drink plenty of water

  • You need to weigh 110 pounds in order to donate blood.

When can I sign up? 

  • Sign ups will take place online by clicking here, before school in the Rotunda as well as during school lunches.

  • Have questions? Contact Mrs. Munro in B115 or email her at 

  • If you are 16:

  • Make sure to get your Zika Testing Permission Form (Click here for another copy) Remember this form can't be altered and must be filled out in Blue or Black INK!

  • Make sure to get you 16 year old Permission Form. (Click here for another copy)  Remember this form can't be altered and must be filled out in Blue or Black INK! 

What Happens if I can’t donate?

  • Do you have a game later that night or won't be at school on May 25? That ok! If you go to the Carter Bloodcare Donation center at a date that works better for you, your donation will still count towards the 4 needed for the cord! You must tell them you want your donation to go towards Rick Reedy High School and bring Mrs. Munro in B115 a copy of your donation paperwork

  • Your parent can come donate to Reedy High School in your place! Just tell the technician and they will handle it all!