Clark Middle School

Google Applications for StudentsCMS Divider

What is it?
Your child’s Google Account provides them with many helpful educational resources. It contains access to their Frisco ISD email account and a Google Drive account where students can create, store, and share documents. In Google Drive, students can create documents, spreadsheets, presentations, drawings, flowcharts, and forms. This account also contains a Google calendar. 

Where is it?
There is a direct link to a login box for our student accounts on the parent and student section of the Frisco ISD website. However, you do not need the official FISD Google Login box to access your child's account. 

How do I login?
Each student in FISD has a Google login. The username is their Frisco ISD email address, which is where the ### is the last three digits of their student id#. This address uses the full legal first name and full legal last name of the student, and does not recognize nicknames. All teachers have access to student gmail addresses and can help if you aren’t sure what the username is.

The password will most likely be the student birth date in 8 digits MMDDYYYY.