Clark Middle School

Reporting an Absence

E-mail our Data Clerk, Stephanie Petersson, at

NOTE REGARDING ABSENCES: A doctor note, parent note or email is required with 3 days of the student’s return to school. For extended Absences/Vacation please fill out the Request for Absence Form available in the front office and return to the front office.

Truancy Top Ten List

 1. Students are tardy if they are not in their classroom when the tardy bell rings. The tardy bell for first period rings at 8:25.

2. Attendance is taken ever period. Attendance is taken twice in blocked classes that span 2 periods (i.e. ILA).

3. For an absence to be excused, the office must receive a note within three days of the absences. Notes after 3 days will not be accepted. Notes may be sent via email, handwritten by the parent or from a doctor. Send all notes to our Data Clerk, Stephanie Petersson, at If an absence reaches four consecutive days, a doctor’s note is required.

4. While we appreciate phone calls communicating why your child is not at school, we must also receive a note excuse the absence.

5. A parent or doctor note is required even when a parent has checked a student in or out of school through the front office for documentation purposes. A student leaving school early due to illness can be excused by the campus nurse or a doctor note.

6. Truancy letters will be sent via postal mail at three and seven days of unexcused absences, for issues of truancy. Students will placed on an attendance contract when a sever day letter is printed. The attendance contract will nullify parental note and will require a mandatory doctor’s or school nurse’s note for the absence to be excused.

7. Campuses may also place students on an attendance contract after ten absences excused by parent notes.

8. Issues of truancy include unexcused days or parts of days. Tardies are considered parts of days.

9. Vacation days are unexcused even if you turn in a vacation request form.

10.Parents of students with 10 days of truancy will be sent to court. This is a state law. It is not a campus choice. You may find additional truancy information at: