Cobb Book Fair Supports Library for Patients at Children's Medical Center

Oct 30, 2014

Students at Cobb Middle School donated $1,500 worth of change in two weeks to benefit the Krissi Holman Library at Children's Medical Center in Dallas.

The library was started 10 years ago by teenage cancer patient Krissi Holman. One night in the hospital, Krissi was looking for a good book to read, but couldn't find anything for teens.

With the help of her family, Krissi collected money to start a library for patients at Children's, though she passed away before the grand opening of the library.

Today, there are nearly 8,000 items in the collection, but because donations primarily target younger readers, there is a need for teen titles and new, popular young adult books. 

Cobb students, PTA members and library staff used donations from their coin drive to help the hospital pick out 144 new titles to serve these teen patients as part of the school’s Book Fair.

“We are honored that the students at Cobb were able to support the Krissi Holman Library at Children's Medical Center and be part of the ministry of comfort that comes from reading a good book,” said Cobb Librarian Mary Virginia Meeks.

Principal Phil Evans pledged to allow the grade level that raised the most money for the effort to duct tape him to a wall. Eighth graders won the right to do just that and took full advantage of the opportunity on October 24, when Evans “hung out” during a volleyball game between students and staff.

Cobb Donation to Children's Hospital

Duct Tape to Wall