Middle School Students Compete in State Geographic Bee

Apr 12, 2018

State QualifiersA student from Nelson Middle School took fourth place in a state competition of geographic knowledge.

Eighth grader Satvik Gurram was the top Frisco ISD finisher in the contest, which featured 100 students from across Texas in grades four through eight.

Each year, thousands of schools in the United States participate in the National Geographic Bee using materials prepared by the National Geographic Society.

The contest is designed to encourage teachers to include geography in their classrooms, spark student interest in the subject and increase public awareness about geography.

In Frisco ISD, all middle school students are given a multiple-choice test and the top ten at each school, based on both speed and accuracy, are chosen to compete in a school geographic bee.

The winner of each school bee is then required to take an online qualifying test for the state bee. Only students who score in the top 100 in the state are selected to participate.

Congratulations to the following state qualifiers and winners of school geographic bees:

State Qualifiers

Aarej Syed of Fowler Middle School
Ian Mathew of Hunt Middle School
Satvik Gurram of Nelson Middle School – fourth place state finisher
Alexander Danko of Pearson Middle School
Jayanth Pandit of Pioneer Heritage Middle School
Aditya Mudgal of Scoggins Middle School
Shyam Sundar of Trent Middle School
Ajay Narayan of Wester Middle School

School Winners

Abhijit Jannapureddy of Clark Middle School   
Lou DeMers of Cobb Middle School     
Brennan Bezdek of Griffin Middle School         
Rishika Kanaparthy of Maus Middle School
Brandon Batac of Roach Middle School
Katelyn Keller of Stafford Middle School           
Josh Skorick of Staley Middle School   
Ankur Nagpure of Vandeventer Middle School