Griffin Middle School

Griffin Promotes Fitness With Gatorcise Board

Nov 13, 2014

Griffin Middle School is encouraging students and staff to get moving.

The Gatorcise Board is a place to share a photograph of yourself and message about what you do at home to stay active.

The goal is to give people new ideas about how to incorporate physical activity into their daily lifestyle.

The school was selected this year for the Healthy Zone School Recognition Program, a joint effort of The Cooper Institute and United Way of Metropolitan Dallas to promote healthy practices in schools.

Schools are selected for the program based on their current healthy practices as well as future plans to expand efforts in their school and community. They receive guidance and leadership support in addition to funding to further their health and wellness initiatives.

Griffin is also launching a Gator Bites Cookbook and has begun fitness classes and other health-related challenges for staff members.

Griffin Gatorcise Board

Gatorcise at Griffin