Frisco ISD would like to introduce you to Volunteer Tracker. Volunteer Tracker makes it easy to approve and manage volunteers. The Volunteer Tracker process will greatly reduce the amount of time to process background checks, notify volunteers and ensure that school volunteer administrators have access to up to date information any time!

Volunteer Tracker’s secure processing system offers easy access for volunteers, teachers or school administrators.  Registered users can sign-on from any computer to apply, update information, or manage volunteer activity.  The Volunteer Tracker provides online access and a single application that captures all information needed for background checks and for matching volunteers to opportunities.

 This new automated system will:

  • Improve communication between volunteers and campus staff
  • Give the volunteer direct access to their account
  • Allow for a faster approval on background checks
  • Capture and track volunteer time, both by activity and by location
  • Ensure that volunteer coordinators have complete and accurate information on their volunteer pool - always up to date!

You will continue to sign in through Raptor each time you visit a campus. If you are volunteering at campus and have registered as a Volunteer Tracker user; you will also sign in through Volunteer Tracker.

If you have already completed the volunteer process and background check for the 2016-2017 school year using the previous application process; it is not necessary to complete the Volunteer Tracker application until the beginning of 2017-2018 school year.

To start the volunteer process please use the link provided:
Volunteer Tracker application:
For any help desk questions:

Volunteer Tracker support:

Volunteering lets you make a difference. Knowing that you've made a difference in the lives of so many gives you the confidence to be greater! So go out there, volunteer and make a difference in not only your life, but the lives of so many students, teachers and more.