Hunt Middle School

Hunt Counselors Host Coffee with the Counselors

Oct 06, 2014

Coffee with the Counselors is a morning meeting for parents that provides information topics relevant to you and your child.  Counselors provide light snacks and of course, coffee.  All sessions are from 9:00-10:00am in the Hunt Library

October 23rd - Mrs. Rounsavall and Mrs. Eckert will demonstrate the technology you and your child will be using throughout the year to help you stay on track and communicate with teachers.  This includes Schoology, HAC, Google accounts, and more!

December 15th - Is the thought of creating a high school schedule terrifying?  Frisco High School counselors will be here that morning to help walk you through the process.  They will discuss what classes are offered and what is required of your child at FHS.

March 19th - Now that you know what is required in high school, are you curious about what the Career and Technology Education Center (CTE) offers?  Beth Jennings will be talking to parents about the opportunities and classes available to FISD students.  

May 18 - Is the transition from 5th grade to 6th daunting?  Is your child nervous about high school?  Patrice Dunn will focus on transitioning from grade to grade and school to school to hopefully ease some of the fears.