School Namesake Led "Because It Was the Right Thing to Do"

Sep 28, 2015

Frisco ISD celebrated the contributions of Charles B. Pearson and fellow namesake Dr. Rick Reedy on September 27 during dedication ceremonies at the schools named in their honor.

Both Reedy and Pearson served the District during times of change in the Frisco community and schools.

Mr. Pearson was president of the Frisco ISD School Board for 10 of his 12 years of service from 1960-1972. He is known for successfully leading the Board and voters to make important decisions to benefit all students, including passage of a bond to build Z.T. Acker Elementary, supporting a school band program and the vote to desegregate.

Pearson and his daughter Lucy Driggers live just up Teel Parkway from the new middle school that bears his name. He still lives where he ran his dairy farm while serving on the Board when Frisco was a quiet rural town. The two have driven by the school “a million times,” Driggers said. “It has been fun watching the construction progress.”

Recently, Pearson went to eat lunch with sixth grade students at the brand new school, which was complete for the start of the 2015-16 school year. He was proud and taken aback at all of the students who wanted to shake his hand.

“They made a fuss over me and I’m nothing special,” he said.

Pearson is honored and humbled to be a school namesake. His daughter says he feels the same way about his service as a parent on the School Board as he does about his decision to enlist in the Marines shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

“He will always say, it was the right thing to do. It was just the right thing to do,” Driggers said. “So he did it and never looked back and that has been Dad’s attitude about a lot of things in life. It was the right thing to do and even though they weren’t easy, they were the right thing to do.”

The event included performances by the Pearson choir, band and orchestra.