Roach Middle School

New After School Procedures for 2015

Jan 05, 2015

Dear Parents,

Due to the number of students we have that are on campus unsupervised after 3:35 we are implementing a new procedure that will start when we come back in January.

Any student that is not in tutorials, rehearsals or a supervised practice that cannot be picked up by 3:50 will be in a study hall in the cafeteria until they can be picked up from school.

All students that walk or ride a bike will need to leave campus directly following the bell at 3:35.

Any students that are still on campus when the administrators finish with after school pick up will be escorted to study hall where they will remain until someone arrives to pick them up. When you arrive on campus to pick up your student from study hall you are welcome to contact them by phone or text to let them know you are here. If your child doesn't have a phone you will need to park in the south side parking lot and come into the cafeteria to pick them up.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support as we strive to provide a safe and orderly school environment.