Roach Middle School

Medication Policy

The district shall not purchase oral nonprescription medication for students.
In order for students to receive district-approved oral nonprescription medication 
(Tylenol, Advil, Benadryl, Tums, Cough Drops, & Throat Strips) while at school, the 
parent/guardian must complete & sign the Request for Administration of Medication 
form & the parent/guardian should bring the age-appropriate medication to the school 
nurse in the original container (smallest container available ) & must be properly labeled.  
The nurse may give up to 10 doses of the district-approved oral nonprescription 
medications.  When students take 10 doses of a medication, the parent/guardian will be 
notified a doctor’s note will be needed in order to continue to give the student the 
All other nonprescription medication must have a doctor’s note and must be in the 
original container & must be properly labeled.  The parent/guardian must complete & 
sign the Request for Administration of Medication form & the parent/guardian should 
bring the medication to the school nurse.
All prescription medication that cannot be scheduled for other than school hours may be 
given at school.  The parent/guardian must complete & sign the Request for 
Administration of Medication form and the parent/guardian must bring the medication to 
the school nurse.  The medication must be in the original container & be labeled with the
original, current prescription.
When the duration of the medication is completed, unused portions of the drug should be 
picked up by the parent/guardian.  Any abandoned or expired medication not picked up 
by the parent/guardian at the end of the school year will be disposed of properly by Frisco 
ISD via an authorized medical waste management contractor.

I can not give ANY medication until I have your completed FISD medication paperwork and properly labeled medication.  I am not able to accept an email, handwritten note, or verbal permission to give medication to your child.

You can find a printable copy of the Request for Administration of Medication form in the Documents section of this website.
A list of medications that are used in the school clinic for First Aid is available on request 
from the school nurse.  
Protocols established by the District’s Medical Advisor are available on request from the 
school nurse.  Please contact your school nurse with any questions.