Stafford Middle School

CPR Kit Donated to Stafford Middle School

Nov 03, 2016

Angela Perkins, aunt of Stafford Middle School students Allison and Lauren Hamilton, presented a CPR kit to Stafford that will educate and hopefully save lives for years to come.

Perkins is the survivor of sudden cardiac arrest. She was lucky to be at work where the paramedics arrived within minutes. Still, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) had to be performed on her for almost 20 minutes. This life-changing event made the Perkins and Hamilton families all too aware of the importance of knowing CPR.

Perkins visited Stafford to meet with sixth grade students and their coaches on Friday, October 14. She was joined by Zac Whitley of the American Heart Association. Whitley showed a video of another FISD sixth grader who performed CPR on her father shortly after having been taught how to do the procedure in school. He had the students clasp and unclasp their hands while the three minute video was playing. Some students stopped as they became engrossed in the video. “That hand represents your heart beating, your heart isn’t supposed to stop.”

He explained that in case of a heart attack or other issue, CPR keeps blood flowing through the body until medical personnel can take other steps to save someone. The students also learned about the importance of automatic external defibrillators (AEDs), which are located in each FISD facility.

All FISD sixth-grade students are expected to learn CPR, but the District does not have CPR kits for each campus. Campuses have to share the kits. Perkins wanted Stafford to have its own complete kit so that students can review the technique throughout the year and coaches and teachers can have access to it at any time.

Principal Robin Scott thanked Perkins for the generous donation. She admitted to her students that it was hard to watch the video with them, knowing that the girl in the video had been a middle school student when she had to perform chest compressions on her dad.

“It is scary. That is why it is important that when you take the training, you take it seriously,” Scott told her students.

Coach Michael Anthony and the athletic staff at Stafford took part in answering student questions after the presentation and doing a quick demonstration with the new kit, which unlike older kits, makes a clicking sound to tell you the compression is being done correctly. The students at Stafford will have the CPR course within the next few weeks, Anthony said.