Staley Middle School

Staley Middle School Holds Renaissance Festival Open House

May 05, 2015

Staley Renaissance FestivalStaley Middle School held a Renaissance Festival during Open House to show parents and friends the great educational opportunities being explored at Staley. 

The Open House was held the evening of April 30 and eighth grade core and elective classes took each subject back in time with various festival stations.

While attending the Festival, students were given a biography card that focused on a specific "character" during that time period. The card indicated who their "character" would be throughout the event.

Evening activities included:

  • Catapult Catastrophe and Castle Build: Catapults were built as a science class project and integrated physics and math.
  • Test of Strength and Joust: Students used the strength and dexterity that they built in PE to win the contest.
  • Face Painting: Artisans from the eighth grade showed off their skills.
  • Shakespeare: The ILA and Theatre department was on hand to entertain and show off their acting skills and knowledge of the plays.
  • Calligraphy: Participants combined their writing and artistic skills by writing their name or an inspiring word to take home.
  • Time Line Cake Walk and Stocks: Participants learned about key events during the time period. Let them eat cake.
  • The Plague: Students learned about the devastating effects of the plague and how quickly and easily viruses spread during the time period.

Additional activities focused on the culture and historical importance of the era.