Staley Middle School

Staley Students Hear Motivational Message

Jun 16, 2015

Everson Walls Speaks with StudentsEthos Meets with StudentsStaley Middle School welcomed former professional football players this spring to speak with students about topics like courage, commitment and hard work.

More than 100 students in 6th period P.E. participated in a five-week pilot program sponsored by Ethos Education Group and the Staley Middle School PTA.

The mission of Ethos is to help young adults address and overcome challenges they may face, such as low self-esteem, lack of confidence, peer pressure, anxiety, anger and hopelessness.

The CEO of the organization is Michael Davis, former linebacker for the Canadian Football League; the CFO is Everson Walls, former defensive back for the Dallas Cowboys, New York Giants and the Cleveland Browns; and the Vice President is Tim Brown, NFL Hall of Famer and former wide receiver for the Oakland Raiders and Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

All three men visited with students over the course of the program, with hopes of encouraging and inspiring them to realize their full potential.

Often times, they shared personal stories about how they achieved success and developed into the men they are today.

“It’s okay to be afraid,” Everson Walls told students on May 19. “But don’t let fear keep you from trying to succeed. The brave ones are the ones who don’t let the fear keep them from achieving their goals.”

Davis, Walls and Brown say they hoped to impart something on the students to help them now and in the future, whether in school or in life.

“Set your pace and the direction you want to go because it’s not going to happen without commitment,” Brown told them.

The group also met with a smaller group of students each week to provide mentorship and further opportunities for character building and leadership education.