School Celebrates Namesake Dr. Daryl Trent

Sep 22, 2015

Dr. Daryl Trent went door-to-door to visit Frisco families and build his band program more than 30 years ago. In the early years, he taught music to all grades, even kindergarten. He was so close to his students and spent so much time with them, they sometimes called him Dad.

The public and Frisco ISD officials dedicated the new Daryl Trent Middle School and honored its namesake this past Sunday, September 20. The school, located at 13131 Coleto Creek Drive, is one of four new campuses that opened this fall in one of the fastest growing school districts in America.

The District also officially dedicated Norris Elementary, honoring Armetha Norris, who developed Frisco ISD’s first school health and nursing program at 10101 Shepton Lane.

“These two individuals made significant contributions to creating the Frisco ISD of today,” said Dr. Jeremy Lyon, Superintendent of Schools. “Educators, parents and the community owe them both a big thanks for their foresight and dedication.”

Both Trent and Norris were on hand Sunday as speakers took the podium to recognize their service to the Frisco ISD community.

Trent was hired in 1979 to establish a band program at Frisco High School, but he didn’t limit himself to high school band. Knowing that children’s appreciation of music begins early, he taught all levels and worked to build an award-winning band program in Frisco ISD. He also supported the introduction of choir and orchestra, as well as harp instruction within the District. As the District’s first Fine Arts Director, he developed plans to expand all the arts within Frisco schools. He also helped found the Frisco Community Band, which he currently directs.

Former Frisco ISD Superintendent of Schools Dr. Rick Reedy described how Trent embodies the four core values of Trent Middle School: purpose, attitude, commitment and kindness.

“No one that I have ever worked with and I have worked with a lot of people, has had a more positive, optimistic, can-do and enthusiastic attitude than Dr. Daryl Trent,” Reedy said. “Students wanted to be challenged and he challenged them to do more and more. His legacy is not this building, it’s the profound impact that he’s had on generations of students in Frisco ISD.”

Trent said he was humbled and honored to have a school named for him.

“I am so thankful for the importance that Fine Arts has in Frisco,” he said. “It’s not like that everywhere. It’s a really wonderful thing for the kids that are in arts. But it’s also a wonderful thing for the whole community. I have always believed that being involved in the arts elevates the individual and makes them better students.”

Trent has wasted no time in getting involved at the school as a volunteer. One of his favorite hobbies is woodworking and he has already made a bench to grace the entryway of Trent Middle School. He also made plaques displaying the graduation years of the school’s first students, and he is currently building a pedestal/time capsule which will be the base for a timber wolf statue that has been donated to the school. Trent has also already been in the band hall working with students and says he will be at the school any time he is invited.

Dedication ceremonies for two more new campuses, Charles B. Pearson Middle School and Rick Reedy High School, are scheduled for Sunday, September 27 at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m., respectively.