Vandeventer Middle School

PreAP 101

Oct 15, 2014

Attention all 4th and 5th Grade Parents!

Can you believe your child is almost a middle schooler?  Do you have questions about middle school courses?  Vandeventer Middle School is hosting an Advance Placement 101 meeting for all 4th and 5th Grade parents on Tuesday, November 4th6:30 P.M.- 7:30 P.M. in the VMS Café, special guests Liberty High School counselors.  The purpose of the Pre-AP and Advanced Placement courses are to challenge middle and high school students, to engage them in active, high-level learning, thereby ensuring the development of skills, habits of mind, and concepts needed to succeed in college and in their careers.  Be sure to mark your calendar for this special evening and find out what you can do now to prepare your child.