Vandeventer Middle School

Outdoor Learning and Fun Comes in All Forms at Vandeventer

Apr 01, 2015

Vandeventer OlympicsTaking science to the outdoors for the second year, sixth grade science teachers at Vandeventer Middle School are finding fun, relevant ways to bring physics to life.

Micki Karlan, also a science instructional coach, got the idea last year from an outdoor science activity that the District had provided using skateboards. She and Jason Pearson, who now teaches at Fowler, used that lesson as inspiration and planned educational activities to take advantage of science outdoors and to culminate the physics unit.

Students who have just learned about speed, data collection and distance-time graphs, can then take their learning outside in “Olympic” events to collect their own data about themselves and to consider variables such as whether speed is impacted by changes in surface such as grass or concrete.

Despite the wind factor on Thursday, March 26, students were fully engaged in the events entitled Amazing Race, 50 Meter Dash (on concrete and grass), Race for Infinity (on concrete and grass).

An added bonus is the parent involvement in the activity. Great volunteers are essential to its success, Karlan said.