Vandeventer Middle School
Accessing HAC
purple bar

What is it?

HAC is short for Home Access Center. Your HAC Account is connected to the teacher grade books, so you can see what grades your child is earning in class. This is also a place where you can access attendance information for your child. While it is a goal of Frisco ISD to promote a highly informed and engaged community, please remember that your child should be an integral part of the communication process.  When you have a question about what you are viewing in Home Access Center, please talk to your child first.

Where is it?

The direct link to the HAC login screen is  You can find this link on the main page of the Vandeventer web site under the Campus Quick Links section. 

How do I log in? 

Click here for login information
Forgot your login? Click here to email 

Here are some directions for changing your password

How do I navigate HAC?

You can also watch the video tour of HAC below.  

What do the strange letter codes mean?

Below you will find the Frisco ISD HAC code key, which will explain some of the funny letters you see in HAC!

HAC codes

The grade extension codes below are to decipher what type of grade has been recorded. It does not affect the student's overall average. 

Grade Extensions