Vandeventer Middle School

The Student Learning Hub (Moodle)
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What is it?

The Student Learning Hub is an online learning environment. It is a web site where students can access information and learning activities for class. Moodle is the name of the product used to create the site, and the name "Student Learning Hub" refers to the address where the product lives on the web. You may hear both names used to refer to this site. They are both the same thing and either is correct. 

Where is it?

The direct link to the Moodle (or Student Learning Hub) is This is one of the Quick Links on our Vandeventer web site. 

How do I log in?

Click here for parent instructions on how to login and navigate Moodle

Students will login using their student ID# as their username and their 8 digit birth date as their password MMDDYYYY.  Students who have never used Moodle before can watch the video below for instructions on enrolling themselves into a class for the first time.