Vandeventer Middle School
Lunch and Parent Visits
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Cafeteria Visitors    
Visitors Table     
Visitors should wait for their student near the designated table located on the west side of the cafeteria. Once the student arrives, visitors may sit with them at the designated visitor table(s) on the west side of the cafeteria near the courtyard. The Texas Nutrition Policy states "Students or parents should only bring enough food for themselves. No large quantities to feed other students are allowed." This policy does not allow sharing food. Students should only bring enough food or snacks for themselves. 

Lunch Visits  

 If the person visiting a student during lunch is not a parent or guardian, the identity of that person must be established, and he or she must be identified as either a visitor (with prior written, confirmed, parent/guardian permission) or emergency contact person on a student’s registration card/eSchool account. Again, we want to keep our students safe, and we appreciate your assistance in helping us do so.