Career and Technical Education Center

Aerospace Engineering Creates Balsa Wood Gliders

Jan 04, 2017


Students from the Arts, A/V, Technology and Communications cluster, interviewed students in Aerospace Engineering, as they tested their Balsa Wood Gliders. The two academic disciplines collaborated, as the Aerospace Engineering class provided a story for the Frisco ISD-TV Student Media Division to report on. A professional news story was created, that featured student and teacher interviews with live coverage of the testing phase of the Balsa Wood Glider project.

Aerospace Engineering students learn aircraft design, when they are given a challenge to design and build a balsa wood glider. The design objective is for the glider to sustain long distance, stable flight. Students study the components of airplane control, then use the AERY design and simulation tool to specify design dimensions and predict if their design will fly.  Students make decisions about dimensions and shape for the wings, fuselage and stabilizers, then simulate the flight performance, before building their glider.

Audio/Video Production students cover the entire school district, producing stories from throughout 68 campuses and district-related events.  Frisco ISD-TV producers/editors research, set-up, conduct and record interviews and supporting footage, write script copy, edit video and deliver the final product across multiple platforms.  The Engineering Glider Project is one of many stories produced each year by this national award-winning news team.