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Media Students Cover Celebrity Event Dream Ball

Jun 03, 2014

The Omni Hotel and Resorts - Dallas was the backdrop for an evening full of camera flashes, videography and conversation with some of Dallas' elite in athletics, business and entertainment as high school media students served as paparazzi along the Sport Court (red carpet) during the Nancy Lieberman Foundation Dream Ball on April 17.​

Sanders Interview by Frisco ISD TV

For the third year in a row, Lieberman has relied on Frisco ISD-TV executive producer Eva Coleman to spearhead this effort of media student involvement for her annual event.

"We've been with Nancy since her foundation's first gala in 2012. It gets bigger every year, and I'm honored that she approached us from the start and allows us to grow with her," Coleman said.

While it gives students an exclusive brush with fame, Coleman feels it provides an early lesson in media access.

"I always encourage my students to not indulge in groupie behavior. We are there as storytellers, providing coverage of an event with high profile people. Be professional and simply tell the story," she said.

Frisco ISD-TV senior producer/senior editor Shekinah Berry understands this lesson.​

"It was very cool to interact with them and see that they're just normal people," Berry said.​

Berry, along with fellow crewmember Sondra Tennie were two students granted access beyond the Sport Court as they were allowed inside the event to get footage to tell the entire story.

For this year's Dream Ball, Lieberman encouraged Coleman to widen the net to involve even more North Texas area students.​

"In addition to my crew, I was happy to recruit a few top notch students from Misty Rayson's media program at North Mesquite High School," Coleman said.

Improving the lives of children in our communities is the core mission of Nancy Lieberman and her foundation. It's a mission that Frisco ISD-TV supports all the way.

"In many instances, people show up at events to get something. Because of the person Nancy is, people show up to give. They raised over $220,000 that night to help students. Capturing a moment like that is priceless and we're fortunate to be requested to do it," Coleman said.