Career and Technical Education Center

CTE Students Help Ensure Frisco Never Loses Its History

Jun 07, 2014

Students at the Career and Technical Education Center continue to get hands-on experience, while also helping the community preserve some of its oldest, most treasured buildings.

For the third year, advanced architecture students have measured and recorded building plans for several historical structures that are part of the Frisco Heritage Center. In case of fire, tornado or some other disaster, their electronic drawings could be used to help re-create the City’s history.

“Students measure every detail of the structure to see how they’re built,” explained CTE teacher Clint Floyd. “It helps them see the connection between what they’re drawing on a computer and real-life architecture.”

This year, students created detailed plans of The Depot, a structure representing the original Frisco train depot built in 1902. In past years, they did the same for the Lebanon Baptist Church and Smith-Muse House.

“It’s great to have an opportunity to actually do something that matters in the community as far as architecture goes,” said Collin Hulsey, a senior at Heritage High School.

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