Career and Technical Education Center

Former CTE Center Student Meets Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Sep 19, 2014

Former Liberty and CTE Center student Uma Chatterjee recently attended Constitution Day events in Washington D.C.. Uma was a member of the national championship duo, that include current CHS senior Michelle McEvoy, from the CTE Center in last year’s Virtual Supreme Court competition hosted by the Harlan Institute and ConSource. Grand prize was a trip to Washington for the Constitution Day festivities. As part of the trip Uma and family were invited to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Constitution Day speech, and also had a chance to meet Justice Ginsburg.

“Meeting her and hearing the most influential woman of our time speak was the greatest experience of my life. When I met her one-on-one without the press, she told me she knew who I was and had watched my winning performance in the final round of the National Supreme Court competition. She t...old me that I had "profound oral argument and analysis talents way beyond your years," and said she had no doubt that I would be on the bench one day... and I almost cried. I hope I can live up to Her Honor's expectations & serve our country as she has.”