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CTEC Interns Gain Real Life Experience: Focus on Health Science II

Oct 24, 2014

The following account was written by Health Science II Intern Leslie Edgin.

The medical field is filled with angels who take care of those who cannot take care of themselves. Growing up I have always wanted to be able to help people, but I was not sure which direction I wanted to go in since there are so many options given in the medical field. Health Science is a class offered to high school students that expose the beautiful and the bad things that come with a job in the medical field.

Health Science two is a class that gives its students a real world opportunity to experience the medical field first hand, not through a text book. In order to be able to get in, a student must take both a semester of medical terminology and a year of Health Science One. Medical Terminology and Health Science One teach the students the basics from learning the words commonly seen in the medical field to getting a CPR certification. Basically, all of the critical background information needed. Once both of these classes are taken, then the student can apply to get into the program where he or she can take the things they learned in class out into the workplace. In Health Science, a student goes to a multitude of different places such as a nursing home, hospitals, and even in an ambulance.

Personally this class is my favorite class I have ever taken throughout my high school career. I am a senior this year and I could not imagine spending my last year any other way. I have always wanted to go into the medical field and this class has exposed me to the amazing things the medical field has to offer, but in that same respect it has shown me the harder things seen in the medical field. I am now assured that this is the direction I want to go in as a career, for many students they do not get to have the opportunity to work alongside professionals as I have and I am grateful for the opportunity. Many people know the good things the medical field does, but many can be naïve to the harder things seen in the medical field such as death or just seeing people who are not in the greatest of conditions. This class has shown me both sides. I have fallen in love with the residents that I have been working with at a nursing home. From hearing the life stories to the quirky sense of humors it has helped me view the world in a whole new perspective. It is hard to articulate the passion this class has given me for the medical field, but the least I can say is this class is the opportunity of a lifetime. The professionals I have gotten to work with have helped give me pointers and have welcomed me as well as the other classmates. My classmates that are in the program are incredible and all are very hard workers. I am lucky to work with such an amazing group. The teachers that mentor my classmates and I are incredible; from their sense of humor to their comforting words I could not have been more lucky.

Health Science Two has been even more than what I expected it to be. Anyone who is thinking about going into the medical field should do this program. It is the best way to see if this is the career path is for you. 

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