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CTE Students Help Revive Local Sports Newspaper

Nov 14, 2014

Three students from the Frisco ISD Career and Technical Education Center are getting hands-on experience during an internship with FSpN newspaper, a free publication featuring youth sports in Frisco.

Editor Trent Emmons recently revived the paper with the help of the students, who distributed the November issue to middle and high schools across FISD. The paper, which launched in 1997, had not been published for more than a year.

The students, Cooper Barkwill, Firas Ali and Mordecai Bediako, have been involved in planning coverage and writing for the paper. They have also brought new ideas to give the paper a larger scope, now that Frisco ISD is home to seven high schools.

The internship is part of the CTE Center’s new Sports Management course, which debuted for the 2014-2015 school year under teacher Kimberly Anderson.

“The opportunities these young men have been given through the new FISD Sports Management course at the CTE Center have been unbelievable,” Emmons said. “They have been able to build connections with some extraordinary people that have been vital to the sports community in Frisco. Not only have they been working diligently on reviving the FSpN newspaper, they’ve also been helping the community and other seniors like themselves achieve scholarships through the 10th annual FSpN Golf Tournament. I know these young men will have bright futures in whatever they pursue.”

Already at least one student says of the internship, “I could see myself doing this in the future.”

FsPN Interns