Career and Technical Education Center

CTEC Interns Gain Real Life Experience: Focus on Law

Feb 19, 2015


The Practicum in Local Government and Law offered at the Frisco ISD Career & Technical Education Center has allowed me to experience many opportunities and situations I would have never been able to be a part of in a normal classroom environment. This year for my practicum I was placed with Cindy Marcotte Stamer, a health care and solutions lawyer, whom I admire and am learning a great deal from.

Mrs. Stamer also works with the political side of law which has allowed me a chance to follow her to multiple networking events. Mrs. Stamer works with Congressman Pete Sessions and it is due to this connection that I was able to attend one of Congressman Pete Sessions fundraising events, prior to his win for the recent election. It was an humbling experience to be able to shake hands and speak with the congressman.

I have also been able to attend speeches and luncheons that Mrs. Stamer speaks. These occasions have all been incredibly informative and have widened my knowledge of the field, allowing me not to only learn about the legal side of law but also the political side.    -- Written by student, Tiffanie Thai

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