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Cross Curricular Project at CTE Center Produces Children's Books

Jan 20, 2016

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High school students at the Frisco ISD Career and Technical Education Center each year work together to create children’s books focusing on positive character traits such as acceptance, honesty, doing your best and never giving up.

Senior students in the upper level Education courses author the stories, while students in Mrs. Bacon's Advanced graphic design and illustration create the artwork using Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator.

Both groups gain practical skills that will be valuable as future educators and graphic artists.

"Students learn how to create teaching tools,” said retired education teacher Jean Courtney. “They see first-hand the importance of collaboration, communication and being able to review another person’s ideas related to their own work.”

The graphic design students have to design and illustrate the books based on rough sketches and ideas provided by their peers. They also must lay the designs out using Adobe InDesign, so the books can be printed and published digitally.

“They learn how to work with a ‘client’ and interpret what the author has envisioned for their book,” said graphic design and illustration instructor Dianna Bacon. “Essentially they have to make the story come to life by designing pages that would be eye-catching to a young audience.” 

When asked if the students liked collaborating they had some very positive comments:

Mackenzie Maloney, education student who authored the book, I Love Myself, critiqued her peer's illustration work by stating, "The drawings exceeded my expectations with the attention to detail that I did not include in my personal drawings. The level of difficulty was impressive with facial expressions and depth shown in the book illustrations." Rebecca Ventura, Zoo Day author, gave her graphic illustrator a rave review, "I love how detailed the character's facial expressions are. The illustrations of the animals are better than I could ever produce! You made this book look amazing. My illustrations were simplistic and you made them look extravagant."  

Advanced graphic design student Ariana Dutson, woh illustrated Duck Duck Dive, described her experience "I enjoyed this project very much, but it is definitely hard work illustrating an entire book and can get a little overwhelming. I really enjoy seeing a final project I am truly proud of it."  Likewise, Domonique Bess who illustrated One Big Family said, "I enjoyed this project because I got to bring the author's vision to life!"


Brody the Brave Bear
Zoo Day
Surviving the First Day of Middle School
Duck Duck Dive!
One Big Family
Stanley the Giving Snowman
Peter the Passionate But Lonely Pirate
Ellie the Encouraging Elephant
Dinosaur Niceosaur
Robby the Rotten Strawberry (Book 1)
Robby the Rotten Strawberry (Book 2)
Charlie's New Friend (Book 1)
Charlie’s New Friend (Book 2)
Elle the Elephant
I Love Myself

All Star
Be Confident
Bentley And the Checklist
Curious Carrie
Emotional Emogene
Friends Through It All
Gregory and the Glum Grape (Book 1)
Gregory and the Glum Grape (Book 2)
Horrible Henry
How to be a Great Best Friend
Imaginative Journey
Lucy and the Wild Wild West
Maddie &  Mason Master Middle School
Mateo el Gato Timido (Book 1)
Mateo el Gato Timido (Book 2 - español)
Mateo the Shy Cat (Book 2 - english)
Penelope the Positive Pumpkin
Piper and the Pirate Party
Sporty Sally
Susie Q and Her Eco Friendly Adventure
The Case of Zachary Moe and the Missing Moon
The Oily Duckling
Welcome to Formation
Why Can't I?
Wing Work (Book 1)
Wing Work (Book 2)
What Makes You Special
Olaf & Sven At It Again *characters in book are copyright of Disney


My First Dance Class
Kindness is Key
ABC's Something to Bark About
Betsy and Daisy
The Watering Hole
Booga Bear's Yummy Honey
The Incredible Whale Tale
Jake's First Hit (Book 1)
Jake's First Hit (Book 2)
Howie the Pup Detective Diaries (Book 1)
Howie the Pup Detective Diaries (Book 2)

Sharing is Caring
Mathilda's Routine
Sally and George
Bella Perseveres
Playing in the Snow
Being Kind
Meet My Friends
A Trip Across Texas
Strolling Through the Seasons
Be Kind to our Friends
A Picnic at the Park with Lilly
Eliza Goes to Mars

Lola's First Day
Accepting Petunia
The Unorganized Room
Mary's Brave Decision
Why Lie?
Jack and the Cool Kids
Sally Jo's Secret
Princess Lilly
Freddie's Big Responsibility
Four Kittens
Ellie the Elephant