Career and Technical Education Center

CTEC Culinary Team Wins Third at State Competition

Apr 26, 2016


Team members were chosen based on skill, mental wherewithal and tenacity, as the competition is a timed menu preparation that is critiqued fully by restaurant and culinary professionals.The Career and Technical Education Center’s Culinary Arts


Instructors watched students once the school year began and then held a “timed” knife-off competition to determine the members of the team. They were required to cut up a chicken, according to ProStart regulations, as well as demonstrate some knife cuts. The final team included: ProStart team has practiced twice a week since October for a shot at the state level of competition.

  • Kayla Ast, senior from Independence High School (captain)
  • Tian Dai, senior from Independence High School
  • Gabrielle Bleggi, junior from Centennial High School
  • Brandon Hua, junior from Centennial High School (timer)

As part of the competition, students were tasked with preparing a three-course meal in 60 minutes, using only two butane burners with no access to running water or electricity. Teams were evaluated on taste, skill, teamwork, safety and sanitation. 

After placing second at regional competition, the team took the judges' feedback to heart and made changes to their existing menu to compensate for the judges' critiques.

The team placed third at the state competition in Waco, dealing with a very harsh but professional critique. The team was very proud of their plating and that they finished the menu on time. Instructor Sara Hosford was happy to report the team did not grumble over the judge’s ruling, but were very pleased to have made it all the way to state and to have accomplished the challenge with one less person than was expected to compete on each team.

Students were recognized during the regular April Board meeting for their efforts and they shared how the competition challenged their creative abilities and teamwork.