Career and Technical Education Center

23% of Top 10 Students involved in CTE Career Cluster

May 23, 2016

Being in the Top 10 of a high school graduation class is no small feat. Not only does it take intelligence, hours upon hours of studying, hard work and determination but it also takes a lot of course planning early on, often beginning in middle school. On Wednesday, May 18, seventy students were honored at the 14th annual FISD Top 10 Luncheon.
Twenty-three percent of the Top 10 students took specific classes in a CTE career cluster. Today's relevant and rigorous education within the CTE clusters prepares students for a wide range of high demand careers. 

The FISD CTE Center would like to congratulate the students below who have participated in a CTE Cluster during their high school career. 

Hongsheng Zhao, LHS (Information Technology)
*Antonia DeGraff, LSHS (Government & Public Administration)
Michael Milton, LSHS (Information Technology)
Kathryn Davis, CHS (Agriculture & Natural Resources)
Brayden Geiger, CHS (Health Science)
Dorothy Mantle, CHS (Architecture & Graphic Design)
*Lindsey Morrison, CHS (Graphic Design & Illustration)
Tushara Devarakonda, CHS (Health Science)
Austin Jacobs, CHS (Health Science)
Jaswant Mallavaram, HHS (Engineering)
Amulya Gaddam, HHS (Health Science)
Devon Callan, HHS (Information Technology)
Lakshmi Kunam, HHS (Health Science)
Braden Torres-Labrie, HHS (Health Science)
Naman Gangwani, IHS (Engineering & Information Technology)
Sriharika Gottipolu, IHS (Health Science)

Two CTEC teachers were invited by Top 10 students and asked to be their "honored" teacher and sit beside them at the luncheon.  Antonia "Toni" DeGraff (CHS) invited Mr. Ewald. Toni has taken one of Mr. Ewald's courses every year since she was a freshman and participated in Mock Trial since she was a sophomore helping to lead the team to state this spring. Lindsey Morrison (CHS) invited Mrs. Bacon where she has been a student in her Graphic Design and Illustration course the past two years.  Lindsey has won numerous local and state design awards, one of the most prestigious taking first place in the Teens in the Drivers Seat poster contest.