Career and Technical Education Center

Cardboard Chairs On Display at CTEC

Jun 01, 2016

Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) students at the CTE Center recently completed their Cardboard Chair capstone project for the course on May 23th, 24th, and 25th. IED Students worked rigorously for nine weeks to engineer a chair made entirely out of cardboard and less than ten feet of masking tape.  The chair was to be designed for elementary students. Requirements for the chair were to weigh less than 12 pounds and hold at least 150 pounds. Student began the project by researching multiple chair designs to inspire their own creation. After researching, students went through many drafts of isometric sketching to determine the most stable, aesthetically pleasing and unique looking chair. Students then created their chairs using Autodesk Inventor, which is our three dimensional CAD software. A mock-up chair was created by each student followed by the final prototype. Students created a presentation board showing each step of the design and building processes to demonstrate their achievements.  

Following are some comments by the students regarding the cardboard chair project:

James Kern, Sophomore, CHS - “I liked the individuality of each chair and how there were no specific ways to build it but many right ways.”

Jailen Robinson, Senior, FHS - “The most challenging part of the project was finding a unique design that supported the weight and looked nice.”

Christopher Flynn, Freshman, WHS - “My favorite part of the cardboard chair was constructing the actual chair because it was much more hands on then what I’m used to and it was fun to build.”

Armando Hernandez, Junior, HHS - “The best part was introducing new ways to develop the chair, either through designing it on Inventor or building it hands on.”