Career and Technical Education Center

Engineering Design Students Presented Scholarships by Garver

Jun 02, 2016

On Thursday, May 25, FISD seniors in Engineering Design and Development, instructed by Mr. Ken Strong at the CTE Center, presented their final projects to six professional engineers from Garver Engineering.  The students are tasked with inventing or innovating a product throughout the course of the year.  Garver Engineering donated money for scholarships to the top three student products. Garver Engineering is a multi-disciplined engineering, planning, and environmental services firm with an office in Frisco.

The judges were quite impressed and made the following statements regarding the student presentations:


“I was extremely impressed with the Project Lead the Way (PLTW) student’s professional manner in which they presented their end of year projects. The students addressed all of the questions Garver asked of them in a manner that eludes some college graduates and professionals during an interview process. It is the dedication of the students that encourages Garver to support the Frisco Career and Technical Education Center’s project lead the way program.” – Heather Compton

“I was very encouraged to see our future engineers already creating solutions to known issues, as well as, enhancing upon previous solutions of known issues.” Quinn Spann, Jr., PE 

“Extremely talented group of students that made my job hard as a judge. I was thoroughly impressed with all the inventions. Kuddos to PLTW for preparing these students for college!” – Katherine Kleinschmidt, PE, PTOE

Third Place went to Katherine Drinjak from Centennial High School and Ryan Kennedy from Lone Star High School. Their project was a device that would help prevent noise induced hearing loss in children and young adults.

Third place recipient, Ryan Kennedy, Senior (LSHS) stated, "The engineering project finally gave me an opportunity to learn how to see the process through to the end, and I'd like to thank both PLTW and Garver for assisting me through that process."Ryan Kennedy from Lone Star High School.


Second Place went to Nelson Levy and Parker Watson both from Frisco High School. Their project was a device that lowers the amount of knee valgus injuries. Knee Valgus is the inward motion of the knee.


First Place went to Daniel Barker and Misael Jimenez both from Lone Star High School. Their product was a device that helps with hot vehicle interiors, preventing vehicle damage, or even the loss of life.


First place recipients had this to say about their award:

Daniel Barker, Senior (LSHS) “This year has been such an enlightening experience, and I have learned so much through this class. Being able to present something that we have worked so hard on and receiving feedback from engineers was very impacting, and I am thankful that I have had the opportunities I had this year because they will help me through the rest of my life and my career.”

Misael Jimenez, Senior (LSHS) “Seeing something you've put your soul into come to fruition was amazing. It was the hardest and most rewarding moment of my life.”