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Frisco ISD-TV Honors a successful year of Student Produced Media

Jun 02, 2016


“You don’t just have a paper résumé in TV, you have to show your work,” KDFW Fox 4 10pm newscast producer Kacinda Crump said.

Crump shared details of her critical role in the newsroom of a top five television market with Frisco ISD-TV crew members, their families and friends at the annual Frisco ISD Media Technology Showcase May 18, 2016 at the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center in Frisco, Texas.

“There’s power in producing,” Frisco ISD-TV executive producer Eva Coleman said.  “I wanted my students to hear from her [Crump] to help reinforce what I share in our newsroom every day.”

The showcase is an end-of-year celebration that gives Frisco ISD-TV a time to reflect on their media contributions to the school district and the community over the course of the year.  Each crew member shares, and the audience views, the favorite story they produced.  There’s a recap of honors received throughout the year, each student is recognized and seniors are given graduation gifts.

Senior producer / senior editor Natasha Burklow is the lone staff member serving in that role as a second-year crew member.  Producers / Editors in their first year on staff stepped in strongly to fill the roles vacated by many seniors who graduated the previous year.

Special recognitions handed out during the media showcase included:

  • Erin Davis (Heritage High School, junior) – Audio/Video Production Student of the Year (photo inset below)
  • Oscar Mijangos (Frisco High School, junior) – Audio/Video Production Enterprise Reporting Award
  • Brandon Byrd (Centennial High School, senior) – Audio/Video Production Team Spirit Award

Frisco ISD-TV is a product of Audio/Video Production classes at the CTE Center.  Students complete two years of broadcast prerequisite classes on their home high school campus and are then eligible to sign up. 

Erin Davis

With season eight of Frisco ISD-TV coming to a close, Coleman reflected on the numerous stories shared over the years.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time, and are consistently being rewarded as we document the human condition in Frisco ISD,” she said.  “I’m forever proud to serve with my crew.”

Former Frisco ISD-TV crew members return year after year for the media showcase and to assist with the event.  Those in attendance this year were: Morgan Yarnik (University of Texas at Austin, senior), Danny Sheehan (University of Texas at Austin, junior) and Sean Magee (University of Arkansas, junior).

2015-2016 Frisco ISD-TV crew members are:

  • Senior Producer / Senior Editor Natasha Burklow (Independence High School)
  • Producers / Editors Miranda Alexander (Frisco High School), Brian Barisa (Wakeland High School), Tori Bates (Wakeland High School), Brandon Byrd (Centennial High School), Tyson Clendening (Frisco High School), Erin Davis (Heritage High School), Kassidy Freeman (Wakeland High School), Oscar Mijangos (Frisco High School), Michael Ramirez (Wakeland High School), Madison Ramsey (Frisco High School), Devin Roland (Wakeland High School), Mary Kate Sunderman (Independence High School)