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Student Opportunity Center Celebrates Veterans Day

Nov 16, 2015

Frisco ISD schools are honoring our nation’s veterans this month with assemblies, celebrations and other activities.

Across the District, students and staff posted flags around and in front of schools, decorated hallways and invited students’ parents, grandparents and other relatives who serve or have previously served in the military to be honored on campus.

Events are being held before, during or after the school day and often feature breakfast, lunch or other refreshments.

Students are showing their appreciation through songs, poems, artwork and essays, and staff members are introducing and recognizing the veterans in attendance.

Boy and Girl Scout troops and members of the American Legion Color Guard are also presenting the colors at several schools.

Some campuses asked veterans to share their experiences with students, while others are presenting videos, slideshows and other campus displays to teach students about citizenship, service and respect for men and women in uniform.

At the Student Opportunity Center, students participated in a series of rotations to learn more about patriotic traditions, military service and past conflicts. 

Among the activities was learning how to properly fold a U.S. flag and hearing from two staff members who spoke about their service during the wars in Vietnam and Iraq.

Army veteran and instructional aide Wade Carter, who was injured in Iraq, told students that although he appreciated the community’s support on Veterans Day, he really wanted them to remember those who died serving our country.

“It’s not about me and my service because I was able to come home,” he said. “Being in the medical unit, you saw a lot of death, up close and personal, and so for me it’s important to remember those who sacrificed truly everything they had to sacrifice for your freedoms in this world.”