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The Academic Academy of Frisco ISD is a program created to assist students in grades 9 through 12 to achieve their educational goals. The Academic Academy uses a variety of assessments to determine a student's learning style and creates an individual Personal Success Plan (PSP) to help that student achieve their educational goals. Our innovative classrooms are designed to provide the students with online and blended learning.  Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses are also supported by the Academic Academy.

Freshman Program
Freshman students who fall behind and/or fail their 1st semester classes may be referred to the Academic Academy Freshman Program. This intensive credit recovery program allows freshman students to recover their lost 1st semester classes while completing their 2nd semester classes. It is the goal of the program for Freshman to be able to complete all Freshman level classes in order to return to their home campus for their sophomore year.
Accelerated Learning
Students needing to recover several credits from their freshman and sophomore years may be referred to the Academic Academy Accelerated Learning Program. Students in this program attend the SOC for the full day schedule and are expected to complete 4 classes every 6 weeks. Students will be assigned one lab for each class they are assigned, allowing them two class periods to work on one subject. Some students in this program complete the required courses in order to return to their home campus at semester, while other students will stay at the SOC and graduate with us. Either way, this program is a great opportunity to recover lost credits and reach educational goals.

Half Day Program
This program is designed for Juniors and Seniors, as a way to meet the needs of students lacking essential credits for graduation in a flexible way. Students in this program can choose to enroll in the AM Block (8:15-12:15) or PM block (12:25-4:25). This is an accelerated curriculum program, and students are required to complete 2 classes every 3 weeks. Students not meeting this expectation will be moved to a full-day schedule.
PEP (Parent Education Program)
Teen parents may be referred to the Academic Academy to work toward the completion of courses for graduation.

These students have the choice of attending PEP, a one-period class held for expectant students to learn about prenatal care, safety issues, nutrition, childbirth, and parenting skills.  

The district PEP teacher meets with the students during this class on a regular basis to help them with doctor visits, day care, and insurance.

Interim Program
Frisco ISD offers a this Interim program for students attending an intensive all-day outpatient program (i.e Changes or Childrens). Students in the Interim program will be added to an online learning environment for each of their core content classes, and will have a teacher at the SOC monitoring their progress. When the student returns to their home campus the SOC teacher will send the home campus teacher a transfer grade. This allows the student to remain on pace with the class while completing class appropriate activities for a grade.

Buses will pick up students from their home campus and bus them to the SOC in the morning, then pick them up and drop them off at their home campus in the afternoon. There will also be bus service mid school day for the half day kids coming for the PM Block and leaving the AM Block. Please contact the SOC for specific bus route information.