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Academic Academy

The Academic Academy of Frisco ISD is a program created to assist students in grades 9 through 12 to achieve their educational goals. The Academic Academy uses a variety of assessments to determine a student's learning style and creates an individual Personal Success Plan (PSP) to help that student achieve their educational goals. Our innovative classrooms are designed to provide the students with online and blended learning.  Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses are also supported by the Academic Academy.

Freshman Program

Credit Recovery

PEP (Parent Education Program)
Teen parents may be referred to the Academic Academy to work toward the completion of courses for graduation.

These students have the choice of attending PEP, a one-period class held for expectant students to learn about prenatal care, safety issues, nutrition, child birth, and parenting skills.  Students will earn .5 credits for this class through the API Curriculum.

The district PEP teacher meets with the students during this class on a regular basis to help them with doctor visits, day care, and insurance.

Frisco ISD offers a drug transition program which allows students to work toward their course work while transitioning from a recognized drug rehab program to their home campus.Students in this program are expected to remain drug free while supporting their emotional well-being. Individual/group counseling and recovery curriculum will be used with these students in addition to a physical education class specifically designed for this program. 5th Year Seniors