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PAC (Positive Academic Change)

PAC is Frisco ISD's discipline alternative education program (DAEP). Students are sent to PAC for violating certain Student Code of Conduct provisions or state-mandated Alternative Education Placement issues on their home campus.  Other placements are discretionary and are decided by the Campus Intervention Team at the home campus.  Each student and his/her parents along with a campus administrative representative must attend an Intake Meeting.  The number of days a student is placed in PAC depends on the reason for the placement.

The PAC Program curriculum is two-fold in nature.  Because most placements are for behavior concerns, students are instructed on positive behavior and social skills in all classes.  While behavior is a focus, academics are still a priority.  All core teachers are certified in the field that they teach and use the district curriculum, along with the home campus lesson plans to develop lessons that will ensure that the students' academics are met and transitions back to their home campus are seamless.

PAC students are not eligible for bus transportation. Parents/guardians are responsible for transporting their PAC student to and from school everyday.