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What is Canvas?
Canvas is a new Learning Management System that Frisco ISD has adopted. In Canvas, students can submit work online, participate in online discussions and activities created by their teachers, and take quizzes. Teachers can also share resources with students like notes or websites through Canvas. Canvas is the system that many colleges now use as their online communication platform with students, so it makes sense that we are choosing this system to use as we move forward. 

Grades in Canvas
While teachers can grade assignments and quizzes, and give feedback to students through Canvas, Canvas is not connected with our teacher gradebooks at this time. Only HAC will contain official student grades. 

What Can Parents See in Canvas?
In Canvas, parents can create their own account using a "join code" for their child, and take on the role of "observer". Once the account is created, parents can add more children to the same account. parents can see almost all course content including resources, student calendars, assignments, and any grades given in Canvas (remember these are not final, published grades) Parents cannot submit work on behalf of the students they observe, and cannot view discussion forums. Parents can only see information about quizzes that has been released by the teacher to the students. Parents can also use the messenger feature to correspond with teachers. Click here for more information about the Parent App and the Observer Role. 

For Parents:

Instructions- How to Generate a Pairing Code (the student must do this)
Instructions- How to Set Up Parent Access (the parent must do this)
Video- Creating your Parent Account and organizing multiple children

For students:
Video tour of Canvas for Students
Canvas Troubleshooting Guide
Video Overview of the Canvas Student App
How students log in to the Canvas Student App

There's an App for That!

There are three Canvas apps. One is for students, one for parents, and one is for teachers. Here are links to the apps that you may need:

Student Canvas App on iTunes
Student Canvas App on Google Play
Parent Canvas App on iTunes
Parent Canvas App on Google Play