Lebanon Trail High School
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What is it?
The Portal is a place you can go to access many of the different sites you need for your school work. 

Inside the Portal is a password manager. If you keep the information in the password manager current, you can access many of the sites you use frequently with a single sign-on. This means that once you login to the portal, you can click on the Home Access Center tile and visit that site without logging in. This works for the Student Learning Hub as well. 

Where is it?
​You can access the portal by visiting https://portal.friscoisd.org

How do I login?
The username for the portal is your student ID number.
The password is your 8 digit birthday in the format MMDDYYYY

How do I navigate the Student Portal?

Here is a handout that can give you more information, or you can watch the video below!


--  Click on Account Management to set up your login information for other sites, including Home Access Center.

--   Keep the Portal updated with your most current login information!

--   Right Click on a tile to add it to Favorites. 

--   Be sure to log out of all applications/web sites after use.